Internationale Hanns Eisler Gesellschaft (IHEG) e.V.

Hanns Eisler’s birthday!

Am Hanns Eisler was born on July 6, 1898 at Hofmeisterstraße 14 (formerly Gartenstraße) in the apartment of his grandparents Fischer. The flat is now used for a composer-in-residence program. The city of Leipzig awards the International Hanns Eisler Scholarship. The call for applications for the 2021 scholarship ends today with the postmark of Eisler’s birthday. The Finnish composer Johanna Ruotsalainen currently lives and works in the Eisler-flat. Her composition will be Her composition will be premiered on October 7th in the Gewandhaus in Steffen Schleiermacher’s concert series musica nova. J. Ruotsalainen arrived two months later than planned due to the Corona crisis and nevertheless she ist glad that she was finally allowed to come to Leipzig.

Photo: © BW