Internationale Hanns Eisler Gesellschaft (IHEG) e.V.

gegr. 1994

The International Hanns Eisler Society (IHEG)

The International Hanns Eisler Society (IHEG) was founded in Berlin on 21 May 1994. It is dedicated to the research and dissemination of the works of Hanns Eisler.

6. – 9. July

Graphic Prof. Thomas Müller

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o listen to – The EislerTage 2023 in Vienna

The Ö1 concert; idea by Hannes Heher/ Orchestral works by Hanns Eisler/ Ensemble Kontrapunkte, conductor: Gottfried Rabl. Hanns Eisler: Chamber Symphony op. 69; Hanns Eisler: Orchestral Suite No. 2 op. 24 "Niemandsland"; Hanns Eisler: Orchestral Suite

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Just whom does this Hanns Eisler make music for?

Hanns Eisler was a student of Arnold Schoenberg. He wrote music for workers’ choirs in Berlin and the film industry in Hollywood, for avant-garde music festivals and communist party events, for the radio, theatre and cabaret. He composed important piano, chamber and orchestral music, more than 500 songs and a national anthem …

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