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As part of the Hanns Eisler Complete Edition, published by the International Hanns Eisler Society, the Breitkopf & Härtel publishing house has published Series IX (Writings) Vol. 4.3: Eisler Briefe 1952-1956 (by Maren Köster).
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Karyn Levitt (Soprano) - Will There Still be Singing?

The New York Eisler interpreter Karyn Levitt (soprano) will perform together with the pianist Eric Ostling on Saturday, October 18, 2020 from 3 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. at MetropolitanZoom her Eisler program "Will There Still be Singing? A Hanns Eisler Cabaret ". Brecht's texts were translated into English by the well-known translator Eric Bentley.
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New release: "Musik und Gesellschaft"

The essentials of the triumphs, avantgarde and fall downs of the music business: clearly, pointedly and presented with spirit.

107 authors, 421 articles: The full range of science journalism and music essay writing. A journey through the times and through musical life from the Middle Ages to present.

Also included in volume 2 is a treatise on Hanns Eisler!

A fascinating history of music in Europe - and beyond - from the Middle Ages to the present. 421 chronologically arranged essays on music, musical theatre and musical life, written by well-known authors, scientists and journalists from a dozen countries: a richly illustrated compendium of well-founded and inspired texts on the multifaceted interplay of music and society.

Editors: Frieder Reininghaus, * 1949 in Korntal; since 1971 employee a. a. from Deutschlandfunk, WDR, NDR and SWR; Author or cultural correspondent of various newspapers and magazines; in the 1970 / 80s piano accompanist, recordings and film music; since 1991 teaching positions a. a. at the Universities of Bayreuth, Bratislava, Vienna and Salzburg; (Co-) editor of scientific handbooks and 2011–2018 of the Austrian Music Journal (ÖMZ).

Judith Kemp, * 1983 in Munich; studied music and theatre studies as well as German in Munich and London; 2015 doctorate on Munich's cabaret »Die Elf Scharfrichter«; Editor of the ÖMZ and employee of the International Schönberg Society in Vienna; since 2017 research assistant in the musical instrument collection of the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

Alexandra Ziane, * 1973 in Vilshofen; studied musicology and art history in Augsburg, Cremona, Vienna and Heidelberg, where she received her doctorate in 2008; 2002/2003 scholarship from the German Historical Institute in Rome. From 2007–2012 she worked as a lecturer at Laaber-Verlag, since 2012 she has worked in the editorial department of the Wiener Konzerthaus and was the author of the ÖMZ for early music.

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